Wednesday, July 16, 2008

let's not heat up the kitchen!

I know I have told you in the past about the deep affection I hold for my crockpot, but did you know it makes an excellent summertime cooking tool as well?

Throw something in it in the morning, go about your day of fun, and when you come home dinner is ready. And you don't have to heat up the kitchen, and your house smells yummy.

Today I have some SALSA CHICKEN in the crockpot, this is how easy it is: Throw some FROZEN skinless boneless chicken breasts in the crockpot, about 4 of them. Cover them with a jar of salsa (I used Mango Peach from Archer Farms, available at your local Super Target) - any kind you prefer. Drain a can of black beans and throw those in there too. If you like corn, throw some of that in as well. Or diced chilis, of you like it really spicy.

Cook it on low all day, throw some rice in the last half hour and stir it up so the rice cooks in all of that juice. Or, skip the rice, and throw in 8 oz of cream cheese (Tracy M, you rock) and let it soak up the juice and get all creamy. Then you can serve that concoction over rice you cook somewhere else, or serve it with tortilla chips, or wrap it up in tortillas.

simple, yummy, easy, and not too pricey!

I have also had a request for my Thai Pork Stew in the Crockpot (apparently it is International Crockpot Week at my house):

It's from Cooking Light magazine.

Quick kitchen update:

Yes, I have new countertops, they are gorgeous!
No, they did not cut the side where the sink goes correctly, and have to redo it. aarrgghhhh
Yes, we have selected backsplash tile and it will be here Monday.
No, we haven't picked out a paint color, maybe tonight.
Yes, the windows are finally done, handles and all.
No, I don't have my groovy recycling bins installed yet.
Yes, the old cabinets are still sitting in my driveway.
No, we haven't quite finished the floor yet.
Yes, I have run out of excuses as to why we need to eat out.
No, I don't have any pictures to show you....maybe tomorrow!

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  1. Thank you for the yummy recipe and for the fun day yesterday!!!! Your stash is still bigger than my stash!


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