Tuesday, July 8, 2008

back in the swing of things

Actually, we aren't yet.

I find it really hard to get back into our routine after being gone for a few days. Especially in the summer.

Maybe if I post some pics and tell you all about it, then I can move on!

The weather was perfect, warm days and cool nights. The fourth of July was full of yummy food, watermelon seed spitting contests (my nephew Kaleb and Charlie, loading up):
and fireworks that you could feel in your stomach. We were so close to them, we had to lie on our backs for the full effect, and could actually feel the boom as they went off. Just spectacular. I played a little bocce with my niece Savanna (she is quite the athlete)
As you can see, great fun was had by all! Here is the Hanson clan, in the middle of the contest:
And of course we held our annual Ultimate Fishing Championship. Boys against the Moms. As you can see, the boys caught lots of fish (it is a tradition to catch a Blue Racer (that's a Northern to you) when you get it in the boat):Thank goodness Grandpa Dave holds them for us. Riley wasn't going to kiss any stinky old fish!Pucker up Heather!Thank goodness we don't have to kiss the perch. I am looking so enthralled as it was the only fish I caught all day. As I was reeling my line in to go home. Sad. Yes, the boys kicked our butts, and we had to buy the Dairy Queen treats on the way home.

Charlie "completely obsessed with weapons at the moment" Pohl got to shoot Grandpa Dave's BB gun (yes, the beer cans were targets, not something he used to quench his thirst).

Mike and his brother Bob hosted a party on Sat. night, there were beverages:and rides for all on Chris's new Ural with sidecar!Mike and Charlie were busy, checking out Bob's cabinhaving fun at the carnival-spending time with Mike's parents-and enjoying Sunday night races at Bemidji Speedway! (where my dad used to race when I was little).For me, the very best part of our little get-away was spending unlimited time with my sweet sis.Even if she did catch way more fish than me, and got to wear the cute hat...

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  1. My word - what a lovely post and amazing pictures! I think you all had a very nice time! LOVE the whole fam pic!!!! Big hugs, missed ya tons and I'm always ready for some vino. xoxo, t.


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