Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween to one and all!  It doesn't seem quite as festive on a Monday, but I am guessing I will still be able to eat some fun size candy bars.  I hear that legislation has been introduced to make it a law that Halloween always be celebrated on a Saturday...

It's amazing how many 'scary' movies were on tv this past weekend.  I was attempting to make things for my show while suffering from a migraine, and did not even have the energy to search for good tv.  I had watched all of my recorded shows, and our dvd player was on the fritz.

I stumbled across a movie on the Lifetime channel, "Within", about a little girl who could see things others couldn't.  I got sucked in, and Charlie came out and saw what I was watching.  His comment?  "Wow mom, how depressed are you?  LIFETIME?"  I told him I wasn't depressed, just feeling too lousy to bother turning the channel.
Jeri Ryan Secrets in the Walls
The next movie on tap was "Secrets in the Walls".  Well, I HAD to watch that.  This one was about a single mom with two daughters who move into a house with a past. You can just imagine what happened....

I am amazed at how many scary movie moments take place in a bathroom.  Have you noticed?  Either the closed shower curtain that must be pulled back, or the creepy images seen in the mirror.  And then there is the major bathtub scene in one of my favorite scary movies "What Lies Beneath".
Then it was on to "Orphan".  Major creep factor.  I had to finish that one today, as I ran out of daylight- of course I can't watch movies like that in the dark...even then I still had wacky dreams last night.
What are your favorite scary movies?  And will you be watching one tonight?

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  1. I told Riley I was going to make him watch "Poltergeist" with me this year. Then I remembered that he is getting too big to sleep with his mommy.

  2. I cannot watch scary movies. Thank you for the special treats today!!!

  3. Two from a LOOOOOONG time ago. One, Trilogy of Terror, a black and white TV movie with Karen Black and a horrible little creature that lived under her bed, and the original version of Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin as a really creepy bad guy. I used to like scary movies a lot before I saw just how scary real people could be. Never cared for the shock value of special effects (think Linda Blair in The Exorcist), however.

  4. I'm a chicken when it comes to scary movies, but I can handle Misery.

  5. I like the more suspenseful movies vs. hack-em-up movies. That said, The Shining is still one of my favorites. Also, I just watched Dial M for Murder for the first time. It was very good!

  6. Oh, I cannot do scary movies. But I did love Psycho and The Birds. Cape Fear is another good one.


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