Wednesday, October 19, 2011

busy crazy autumn daze

I have decided that our brief flirtation with autumn each year is rather like a wedding.
Weddings take months of planning and preparation, there are sunny days and rainy days along the way.  The anticipation builds, and the final day is a big bright blur.
And then it's over.
I longingly wish for extended autumns each year, a few weeks of vibrant color and days to enjoy them and feel the crunch of leaves under my feet.  Beautiful dawn sunrises and sunsets with harvest moons.
As usual, this year the trees seemed to turn and then the wind blew them all away just days later.  I may exaggerate a bit, we do still have some leaves left, and the maple on our boulevard sometimes doesn't turn until November.  But is just goes too fast for my liking.
Perhaps it's the contrast of the vibrant colors of early fall to the stark landscape that greets us each day when the bare tree trunks are silhouetted against gray autumn skies.
I find myself in September and October trying to take mental images of every landscape, trying to imprint in my memory the beautiful trees so that I can recall them on a gray November day.
These photos were taken two weeks ago, already all of these beautiful leaves are gone.
But I will also have these photos, to forever hang on to autumns vibrancy.
This will be my only post this week, we are trying to finish up the giant painting project before it snows, and my sister and her son are coming to spend MEA break with us.  Huzzah!  I really miss her, and need some sister time.
Hoping you all have a wonderful autumn weekend!

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  1. Beautiful fall photos! I agree, it goes way too fast.


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