Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sushi, anyone?

It was 1990.  Mike and I were in Hawaii (oh, those were the days....) on the beach of Oahu.  We were attending an amazing dinner put on by his company, and I approached the sushi table.  Back then, you didn't find it in grocery stores, and very few restaurants served it.  So I tried it.  I wasn't quite sure if I liked it or not, I had never had seaweed before.

Fast forward to today, and you can buy sushi at SuperTarget.  Charlie loves it.  We often have it for dinner when Mike is not around.  So when I saw a Sushi class in the Community Education catalog, I had to sign up.
Tracy www.sellabitmum.com and I made our way up to Como Park High School last night, and spent 3 hours having fun.  Our instructor, Laurel Severson, was WONDERFUL.  The class of 8 prepared chicken, shrimp, crab, avocados, salmon, asparagus, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, Daikon radish, scallions, shitake mushrooms and eggs.  When everything was ready and beautifully presented on huge trays, we sat with our sushi mats and giant platters of specially prepared rice and went to town.  There was also pickled ginger, black and white toasted sesame seeds, caviar, wasabi, and soy sauce to add to the fun.

We each grabbed a sheet of Nori (roasted seaweed) and followed our instructors tips to make our own creations.  It was really fun to create our own combinations of flavors, and slice it up and present it.  It was DELICIOUS, I had to eat my first roll as all of that cooking made me hungry!  We all took home lots of sushi, Charlie can hardly wait to get to his lunch box today.
Are you looking to learn a new cuisine?

( I didn't bring my camera, these are pictures I found on-line.  Sushi is quite an artistic cuisine!)


  1. Sounds like fun! Especially since it sounds like no raw fish was involved.

  2. What a wonderful evening. I had a chance to try and make some this summer and it was great fun. Your ingredients sound delicious!


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