Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Farmer's Market Fun

Sunday morning was gorgeous (I think the eighth or ninth day in a row that we hit 80 degrees).  Since I am a fair weather market person (you won't find me there on a rainy day) I decided it was time.

After a lengthy discussion with Charlie on why he needed to go with me, I ended up bribing him with the promise of spring rolls AND a breakfast bagel.  A small price to pay to have him carry the heavy stuff.

Farmer's Market in the fall is so gloriously abundant.  I bought so much stuff we could have used another person to help carry everything.

Fresh raspberries, picked early that morning:
Pumpkins and squash-I love to find odd varieties to decorate my house in and out.  It takes me a while to choose, as I like to find interesting stems.
Local brats, buns, bacon and eggs,  oh my.  Brussel sprouts, peppers, onions and broccoli.
I stocked up on potatoes, two 20 lb bags (one red and one russet) for only $7!  No pictures of those...Charlie was wondering why I bought so many-I reminded him that potatoes keep a while in our cold basement.

I had to splurge on this beautiful bouquet-kale and eucaplyptus!  What a great combo, and it should last a really long time.  And it wasn't really a splurge, only $4.
(all photos taken with Charlie's new Ipod touch, since it was the only camera in the house!)

I had to leave behind the fresh cranberries, and handmade soaps, and honey, and chocolates, and crusty bread.  I had to save something for my next trip....

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  1. So many good things! Please pass that bowl of raspberries, they're my favorite.


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