Friday, October 7, 2011

happy birthday Charlie!

In the midst of the mess our house is in, old paint and used sandpaper and messy drop cloths everywhere-a birthday cake needs to be made!  Charlie has requested the Pastry Queen's Tuxedo cake.  I love that he has such good taste.  (here's a link to a web site that has posted it,  if you are intersted....)
Our  baby boy turns 14 today, and it hardly seems possible that fourteen years ago today we were patiently awaiting his arrival in a labor room in Burnsville.  He was overdue, and had to be induced, and even then he took his sweet time showing his face.
Fourteen years of giggles and questions and smiles and tears.  Chubby thighs to hairy legs.  A joyful little boy voice into a mature man-like timbre.
I cherish every single moment.  (okay, not EVERY single moment, but for sure all of the really good ones....)

Happy Birthday Charlie!


  1. Happy birthday to Charlie! Love the last photo. He's so handsome.

  2. Happy Birthday, Charlie!!! Chubby thighs to hairy legs..yuck. lol

  3. What a handsome 14 year old. I know his birthday was wonderful.


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