Friday, April 2, 2010

time flies, Easter edition

Easter is almost here, and I feel like I have dropped the ball this year.

In the past, I would have decorated the house weeks ago, with cute little bunnies and chicks, antique glass egg cups, birds nests and vintage Easter cards.  The tiny tree would be up, hung with miniature eggs and other spring items.  There would be Easter eggs hanging in the lilac bushes, and I would have decided on my theme for dying Easter eggs.  I would have come up with a sweet little Easter card, and made enough to mail to family and friends.  Here is the picture from Charlie's first Easter, oh my, how time does fly.

Charlie used to love helping me get ready for Easter.    I know this is supposed to happen, and that twelve year old boys aren't generally enthusisastic about dying eggs.  But I bet if it was an app available on his Ipod he would do it!

On Sunday we will talk about the Easter story over breakfast (Charlie has requested pancakes, I am thinking I can pull off egg shapes).  I will make a ham for dinner, and we will wish we were in Bemidji, celebrating Easter mass with Mike's parents, and having an egg hunt with his cousins at my parent's house.  Only Heather will be there this year, so they are going out for brunch.  I don't think my mother has ever not cooked an Easter dinner, it will be a big change for her!  And my dad will insist on a ham sometime this week anyway, just for the leftovers.

In the last couple of days, I did pull a couple of things from the attic, to place on the mantel.  I filled an antique glass jar with jelly beans, and will boil some eggs for dying this weekend.  I bet I can talk Charlie into helping me-there is still a twinkle in his eye and I know he isn't quite grown up yet.

Even though the days are long past when I can get him to wear bib overalls, and pose for me in bunny ears, I will always have these photos to remember what it was like.

Happy Easter greetings to one and all!


  1. Does he know you posted that picture on your blog??? You are in trouble. It is adorable!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh~ those chubby cheeks are irresistible! His big eyes and big smile in the bunny ears pic... way too cute. It's feeling weird around here too with our youngest being 12. I'm still doing Easter baskets and forcing them to dye eggs. I'm pretty sure they secretly enjoy it. :o)

  3. Yay! I'm so happy you added the LinkWithin option! It will be fun to read your old posts. ;o)


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