Monday, April 5, 2010

the best laid plans

Do you, like me, always plan way too many things for a particular day or event?  And then feel guilty when everything isn't done?  Or do I just need my own personal therapist?

Spring break has come and gone and the attic project sits unfinished, ditto the basement project.  But we cleaned up the yard, and washed all of the lawn furniture and Charlie even washed all of our interior windows.  And since those projects weren't even ON the list, I think maybe I should just move on to this week.

Restaurants?  We didn't exactly make it an everyday deal.. We made it to two.  The breakfast spot -Capital View Cafe, was okay, but not a place we will return to.  Although I enjoyed my meal, and will definitely be making my own version at home, Charlie was non-plussed with his selection.  I had Breakfast Quesadillas, the filled with scrambled eggs, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese, layered into a tortilla that was perfectly crispy on the outside, served with homemade salsa and sour cream.  (sorry, forgot to bring my camera along....) My brain is a-buzz with all the combos I want to try.  These would be a great breakfast item to make for kids on the go-just cut them a wedge and send them out the door!

We hit a home run on Saturday night (hey, I had to throw in a baseball metaphor somewhere, because in case you hadn't heard the Twins are playing baseball outside again....) when we headed over to the Galaxy Drive In in Hopkins.  It used to be Wagner's, which apparently was an institution for years, but had fallen on hard times.  It was bought and refurbished (by the same guy who did Rainforest Cafe) and is now the Galaxy Drive In.  While it had a rough go when it first opened (judging by the on-line reviews I found) they seem to have figured things out. 

The remodeling job is superb, everything is galactic and shiny. 

It is standard drive-in fare: burgers and hot dogs and the expected fries and onion rings.  You can get chili, either on it's own or topping your hot dog or french fries.  Drive-in drinks include malts and sodas and a creamsicle float.  It is very dog friendly, with selections for your companion listed right on the menu boards, and a free cone for your furry pal.

Surrounding the lot are picnic tables, s'more pits, and oversized games for kids. 

You can order all of the s'more fixings, and they even have fleece blankets to wrap yourselves in on a chilly night if you aren't going to dine in your car. 

The burgers came wrapped in white paper and were good-you are clearly paying for the ambience and not over-the-top food.  My banana shake was delish.  I had read complaints about really long waits, but we ordered at the window, rather than from the car, (since Mike was out and about taking pictures anyway) and it didn't seem to take any longer than any other restaurant.  It was a fun experience that brought back memories of sitting at the A&W Drive-in in Bemidji, the tray resting on the car window, my mom handing back fries for my brother and I to share, and listening to Charlie Pride on the eight track tape player.  It absolutely met our expectations, which was to head out of St. Paul and try something new and have a fun experience to boot.  Sure, you can get the same food at Culvers or Wendys, but the ambience and the fun little perks are worth a stop.

If you are in the area, and looking for an old-fashioned drive-in experience, give it a try!  We were glad we did.

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  1. Sounds like a really fun place! I love the pics. I too miss A&W and that drive-in experience on a summer eve. Fun post!


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