Wednesday, April 21, 2010

recipe box Wednesday

This week's recipe features a 'copycat'.  You know how you have something fabulous at a restaurant, and wish you could recreate it at home?  Once a month, I head up to SuperTarget for my 'big shop' (my monthly jaunt when I fill a cart with basics and bargains, sometimes two carts!)  If I don't already have my ginormous list ready, I will sneak in to Starbucks and have a skinny latte and a Cranberry Bliss bar to fuel up for the shopping ahead while I organize my coupons.  They are aptly named, each bite is a little bit of heaven, and a lovely combination of sweet tart cranberries, perfectly flavored frosting, and a cookie like base.  But they only have them during the holidays, so I have to go months without a fix.

Always wishing I could make them at home, fate came knocking last week when it was in our newspaper's 'In the Kitchen' section, where readers write in to ask for help in finding recipes.

Here is the link:

I made them and brought up to Bemidji for our girl's weekend, they were pretty yummy.  I have to say, they were not the EXACT recipe.  But pretty darn close.  Close enough to tide me over until they start serving them again next winter!

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  1. Hmmm...cranberries, yummy! So nice to have you home and back to blogging. :o)


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