Friday, April 16, 2010

can't get enough

Yesterday I had to take some time out of my regular busy-ness and just take in spring.  The lighting was perfect, flat and subdued as the sun was filtered through the clouds that remained from our early morning rain.

Yesterday's photos were a result, and since I couldn't stop snapping, here are some more:

My neighbor's rhody:
And her daffodils.

The magnolia tree down the street from me. 

The ground was littered with the spent white blooms-so much prettier than snow.

Views from a local rock garden:
And a garden miracle, I have a delphinium returning for the first time EVER!  I plant one every year, and they never return.  Must be my lucky year!

Snow on the mountain, spreading like, well, snow on a mountain!
Ever-expanding perennial geraniums, I started with one small plant several years ago, and they now cover a 4' square of my garden.  Wait until they bloom, a mass of blue flowers will appear!
My peonies are on track:

The golden shrubs on the shady side of the house:

The wild ginger is just about ready to unfold sturdy leaves-peaking through last year's bark:

And for the life of me I can't remember what this is, a form of Jacob's ladder?  No matter, love the color.
 And there you have it, a very early garden tour.  Had to document, who knows when we will ever get to experience such an early spring again.

Take some time this weekend to enjoy a little section of your own backyard, or visit a garden shop for some new color!

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  1. I am sooo glad you couldn't stop snapping! These photos are a balm to my soul. I'm a tad jealous of how far ahead you are than us though. I can't believe your peony plant! Mine is barely poking up through the ground. Another reason I should move south. That and Trader Joes! :o)


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