Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Mother Nature-

Every morning when I wake up and peek out my window, I pinch myself a little.  Is it really mid April, and do we have green grass?  So strong and healthy it very nearly is time to mow it?
Are those really green fuzzy buds on the maple trees lining our street?  Ready to pop this week when the thermometer hits 70?
Did I really pick my earliest tulip ever from my garden, and pop it in a vase?  And are there really more on the way, the squirrels didn't have a feast?

Are the lilacs really going to be blooming soon?  Before May day?

Are those birds buliding a nest in my bathroom vent?  (They're too speedy to have their photo taken, please enjoy another shot of the lilacs instead...)

Is my white bleeding heart really that big already?

We had a lovely rain this morning-straight down and nourishing.  The patter of raindrops on our roof was gentle and soft.  Look how this plant captured it:
No matter how many times I may curse you, this April I wish to send you a big old batch of love for our early spring.  What an amazing gift.

Keep it comin'-

a grateful, winter weary soul

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  1. LOVE the photos! How exciting about your tulips and your bleeding heart plant! We are a little behind you up in the Northland. It's so nice to see all the GREEN in your pics!


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