Monday, December 1, 2008


Things I am thankful for (I know, I know, I am several days late....)

1. That the Mall of America is closed on Thanksgiving.

2. That we are nearly almost completely done with our simulation installation at Cleveland Junior High.

3. That I had a new kitchen to create our Thanksgiving meal in.

4. Leftovers.

5. Nice weather, so that creating our holiday window boxes was not even painful.

6. My kid, who took out the garbage without being told. And who spent a whole day of his vacation helping his dad move stuff out of our storage place.

7. Our new car. We did our share of holiday spending this weekend! Our 1997 Honda Accord, which we bought used back in 2001 (after our other Honda was stolen...a story for another blog...)will now be posted on Craig's List.
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8. My hubby. Who has been working pretty much non-stop since August. He leaves very early today for Orlando, to attend a Simulation Conference all week. I booked him at a very nice hotel, so he will have a sinfully cushy bed, and a pool, and a workout room, and a beautiful lobby. I hope he gets a chance to just hang out at the pool and read a book, and not have to figure out why the right rudder pedal won't connect with the keyboard.

9. My family. All of you have been in my thoughts all weekend. I miss my mom's corn pudding and pecan pie, and tramping out into the woods to collect pine boughs and make wreaths. And debating politics with my dad. And giving my nieces and nephews a big hug. And visiting with my dear Grandma. And listening to my husband's parents tell stories of holidays gone by. And shopping with my sweet sis at Emily's.

10. Vicodin. For helping me survive these last few weeks!

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