Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I find this to be a very neurotic time of year for me. Although I just checked on the real definition of neurotic, and apparently this term is no longer used. Well, it fits, so I am going to use it. Neurotic: a nonpsychotic mental illness which triggers feelings of distress and anxiety and impairs functioning.

The holidays are a mixed bag for me, as I am sure they are for many. While I love the magic of it all, and decorating the house, and bringing home the tree, and lighting candles, and receiving cards from friends and family, I also spend way too much time thinking about all of the things I wish I had time to do, that I don't.

Actually, I kind of do that all year, so it apparently isn't just a seasonal problem for me.

Being in retail, the store has to come first. Invitations to holiday gatherings, wrapping gifts, sending cards, and being with our families all take a back seat to whatever needs to be taken care of for ACES. I manage our internet gift card business, which this time of year is about one third of our sales. So not a lot of time left over for decorating Christmas cookies. And that makes me kind of sad.

But I will just go put on another holiday CD, (as long as it isn't I'll be Home for Christmas, or I'll start weeping), get done what I need to do, and enjoy what I have and what I CAN do! And maybe in January I will get time to do all of those things..I am sure my friends will enjoy those beautifully decorated cookies just as much in January as they would if I delivered them this month...

Hey, thanks for listening! Who needs therapy when you have a blog to pour your heart into?

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  1. Kristi, I can relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed during the holidays. With writing for the paper and two magazines on my list, it seems there's no time to create the family newsletter that gets stuffed into Christmas cards. Like you said...friends and family will enjoy reading it in January just as much as in December. :) Thanks for making me feel a bit better! Hugz, -v.


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