Tuesday, December 9, 2008

it's here

Got our first really good snowfall. (Here is how I measure it, if I push snow when I open the door to get my newspaper in the morning, it's a really good snowfall.)

Think of all of the happy people this morning!

* Independent snowplow operators-they have had some pretty lean years around here lately, I bet they are grinning from ear to ear as they plow our alleys and parking lots.

* Ski hills-enough said.

* Snowblower repair folks, and anyone who sells shovels or snow boots (speaking of, have you ever noticed that nearly all snow boots are made in Canada? Nothing like getting product from the experts!)

* Children-Charlie was already out with friends last night, building a snow fort. I can imagine the sledding hill at the golf course will just be crawling with kids once school lets out today.(taken last year at Kruegers Tree Farm duing a snowstorm)

*Snowbirds-if they haven't left already, but are packing for their winters in Arizona, Texas, or Florida, they are feeling pretty justified in getting the heck out of here.

People who may be a bit grumpy this morning:

*Commuters-snow really snarls up traffic. Don't expect anyone to arrive at work on time today, unless they really planned ahead and left far earlier than usual.

*Kids who have to shovel before heading out to school.

Me? Today I am grateful that I work from home. I can layer up, put on my warmest slippers, brew another pot of coffee, and watch everyone as they slide off to their destinations.

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  1. What an image! I love working form home, too. The only thing I'm missing this morning are my sockies!


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