Sunday, December 7, 2008

I wish

Before I start in on my wishes, let me just say that I really have not been cooking Thanksgiving leftovers for more than a week...I just haven't been very good about that party of the blog! But if you would like to know just how long you can keep things in the fridge or freezer, go to:

Okay, back to wishes.

I have been spending the day quietly, listening to my favorite Christmas CD's and wrapping gifts. It has been gently snowing off and on all day, Charlie is at a party and Mike is at ACES, and I am sipping a cup of cinnamon hazelnut coffee. Really, does it get any better than that? Why yes, it does. Sitting at a spa would be okay too...

If I had unlimited funds, here is what I would buy some of my favorite people for Christmas this year:

My sister would receive a brand new, custom built home, just for her and her son. (with a room for special guests, like me!) It would have a picket fence, and lilac bushes, and enough space for a little garden. Each shiny window would be adorned with a window box that she could fill with geraniums, or evergreens. It would have a porch, where she could drink lemonade and read. It would have a cozy chair by the fireplace, where she could snuggle Riley and read him stories. A just right kitchen, with a pantry for all of her bargains, and a bookshelf for all of her cookbooks. And of course her bathroom would be equipped with a jacuzzi, to melt all of her cares away.

My dad would receive unlimited days of perfect fishing weather, and bait and tackle for life. Along with a good supply of salted nuts, and snacks for the cooler, when he takes his grandkids fishing.

My mom would get to remodel her house, every room, and she wouldn't have to consult my dad on any of the choices. And a new car to replace her 100 year old Buick, perhaps something with a sun roof, so she could zip around town and feel the breeze, but it wouldn't mess up her hair.

What would you do if you could do ANYTHING you wanted for those in your life?

To be continued....

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