Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Oh, Harry.
Words can't describe how much I loved your concert, but I will try.

You started exactly on time, which I really admire. You aren't one to leave your adoring fans squirming in their seats, checking their watches. Clearly, many of the concert goers weren't aware that there actually is an entertainer who starts when the ticket says he will, as people kept looking for their seats in the dark for the first three songs. How incredibly rude. I loved how you made a point of mentioning it to the two people seating themselves, RIGHT IN THE FRONT ROW, in the middle of your third song.

Loved the Christmas music, both from the new CD and your earlier one. Loved how you talked to the kids in the audience. Your twelve piece band? Incredible. The sound filled the theater with joy, along with a little of the blues. Is there any instrument you can't play? Last night you played a 100 year old Steinway, an organ, the drums, your regular piano, and the bongos. Who knew?(not from last night, I couldn't sneak a camera in....)

Lucien was great (the slide trombone man, and vocalist extraordinaire). The evening just kept building, and even though you did one encore, we really didn't want you to go. Seriously? I think we would have stayed all night to listen to you.

But the best part, watching you dance....happy holidays to me!

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  1. Gosh he is sexy. I hope you have fully recovered. ;-0


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