Thursday, December 18, 2008


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We have been so cold for several days-it actually got to 20 yesterday, and the sun was shining. I was expecting to see folks pull out their shorts and flip flops.

More snow predicted for today and tomorrow, Mike has already had to shovel twice this week! This is the most snow we have had prior to Christmas in quite literally years-I remember several years just hoping we would see a flake or two before Santa arrived. It is actually quite beautiful, from my viewpoint, where I don't have to be the shoveler, or the daily commuter.

Speaking of Santa, Charlie still claims to believe (knowing that Santa doesn't show up if he doesn't), but I know that he no longer fervently believes in his heart that Santa crawls down our chimney. That's okay, he lasted a pretty long time in today's world, and I wouldn't want him getting beaten up in junior high.

Sorry for the lack of posts-December in retail doesn't leave much room for frivolous activities like blogging. But I was up very early today, so figured I could squeeze in my thoughts. Things will start winding down soon, and I will be back in full force to share recipes and useless information.

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