Friday, January 13, 2012

when your home is your office

Sorry to be missing in action this week-in January I am swamped with work from my real job, so blogging needs to take a back seat.

I am really happy to work from home, especially on a day like today.  I am sitting on my cozy couch watching the people drive by on their way to work, hunched in their heavy coats, snow swirling on the roads.   The 'Today' show is on in the background (love starting my day with them, and today they are celebrating their 60th anniversary, and it is so interesting to see all of the previous anchors!)

I remember when I was one of those commuters-getting up at 5:30, picking out which suit to wear, seeing if I had all of the work that I did the night before packed in my bag.  Making sure my shoes matched, after dressing in the dark so I wouldn't wake Mike.  (One time I didn't check, and ended up at work with one blue and one black, at least they were for the right feet).  I would join the throngs and drive to downtown Minneapolis, and park in my favorite lot, and say good morning to the parking attendant.  He became so used to me parking there that if I showed up late (having been on a store tour or meeting off site with a vendor), he would save me a spot.

I remember the brisk walk to the Multi Foods Tower, and waiting with all of the other Targeteers at the bank of elevators to take us to our floors.  The smell of coffee filled the elevators, and as the doors slid open you could almost hear a collective big breath as we stepped off, ready for another day.

I was at Target for seven years, and learned so much, and made good friends, and met famous people.  They are a wonderful company to work for, and while I miss the people, I really don't miss the job.  Too much pressure for a girl like me, and it really wasn't a job I felt I could manage and be a mom too, so that is why I left once Charlie came into our lives.

 Eight year old Charlie in Target colors.

And I have never looked back.

Now the only people I see on the way to my 'office' are Mike and Charlie, and I get to bring my cat to work every day.  The dress code is far more relaxed, and the parking attendant no longer needs to save me a spot!


  1. One more comment... I remember Grandma Betty (and my Dad too) being So proud of you and your job at Target. My Dad once pointed out that you got to travel to New York. I am proud of all you've accomplished, but more importantly... the woman you are. :o)


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