Thursday, January 5, 2012

how to survive winter with your family

Do you spend more time with your family in the winter?

Do the things they do (or don't do) ever bug you? (and do you secretly think that perhaps you may bug them, too?)

I was already on the path to the winter crazies, and so I came up with a plan.  At first, the list was going to be called TEN THINGS YOU DO THAT MAKE ME CRAZY.

After a shower (when I do my best thinking) I thought I needed to temper it.  So in addition to the things that make me crazy, I decided to let them know about the things they do that I LOVE.  It's important to balance things.

Each member of the family is going to fill out the following form, for each member of the family:
crazy love printable form

The rules?  No holding back, no repercussions.  State your feelings honestly.

Once you have filled out your sheet, sit down with the family member and go through it.

Acknowledge what you can change, and delight in the things you do that make others happy, when you don't even realize it.  And be honest.  If something you do makes them nuts, and you don't get it, let them know how you feel.

I know that there are things I do that make Mike and Charlie crazy.  And I can't wait to find out the things that make them very happy.

I will let you know how this little family concept works out!

Feel free to copy and share and try it with your own family.  Together, we may just make cabin fever a lot more tolerable this winter.


  1. Excellent idea! I'm interested to see what your family comes up with. I think I'll print off your form and try it out with my family. I'm a little nervous, though, about what I do that makes them crazy!

  2. Very fun form. Yes, too much togetherness sometimes. I'm thinking of writing a post of my pet peeves (not just family stuff). I like how you tempered your idea. :o)


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