Monday, January 9, 2012

just go!

We don't see a lot of movies at an actual theater.  For one thing, we have to think it will be worth the minimum of $30 we will spend as a family to see it (and that's without popcorn!)  We have seen all of the Harry Potters at a theater, and Mike and I will occasionally find a film we think may be worth it (usually from the Coen brothers), but we usually wait for it to be shown at the Riverview Theater in S. Mpls (bargain tickets and inexpensive, delicious popcorn), or watch it at home once the DVD is released.

But when we first heard that Steven Spielberg was going to tackle the Adventures of Tin Tin, we have been counting the days!

Charlie was a huge Tin Tin fan when he was younger, I even found a complete set of the Tin Tin books from a seller in Europe, on Ebay, that I got him for Christmas one year.  He poured over those books, and read about all of Tin Tin's adventures over and over again.  If you aren't familiar with Tin Tin, here is some info for you to catch up:

Delightful animation, action packed stories, wonderful characters, Tin Tin has it all!

And so does the movie.  The animation is absolutely stunning, I was in awe.  It was the perfect Saturday night outing!

Truly a movie for the whole family.  You know it's a major movie accomplishment when a 14 year old boy completely agrees with his parents on how good it is!


  1. How fun! We are unfamiliar with Tin Tin, but anything Steven Spielberg does is usually amazing.

  2. Great idea! We sell lots of TIn Tin books at Micawber's. I missed them as a kid, but know them now. I'm sure my daughter would like it too.

    Fun fact: My daughter's friend's uncle in LA (does that make sense) was the action model for the Tin Tin dog. I think this means, he ran around like a dog so the animators could have a model. Why they didn't use a real dog is confusing to me.


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