Wednesday, January 25, 2012

recipe box Wednesday

What is it about karma?  So after I waxed poetic about my love for my Kindle Fire, it died last night.  Won't turn on.  Plugged in, not plugged in, don't tell me it's just a coincidence.  Mike will trouble shoot it today, and go on line and see what he can find out.  I am just frustrated and I am going to let him deal with it.  One thing about a good book made of paper, it never lets you down!

On to better things....

I tried a few new recipes last week, purposely to find something new to share with you today.  The Beer Chicken Crockpot Tacos did not make the cut, the Fresh Banana Cheesecake was a disappointment as well.  But I did try a new recipe, from Martha Stewart's Everyday site, that was DELICIOUS.  Here is the link:

A few things, I doubled every ingredient (except the oil for cooking, the amount in the recipe was fine even with more chicken) and used broccoli instead of snap peas.  We like our food spicy, so I used a very generous teaspoon of red pepper flakes, if you don't like things spicy I would cut back on that ingredient.  I also used basmati rice, rather than brown rice.

Mike and Charlie gave it two thumbs up, and said it needs to be put in regular rotation.  A winner!


  1. Okay, the Kindle deal, that's just our witchy powers. Every time we say something out loud, it breaks. Secondly, I am so glad you shared this recipe as I still have bags of frozen sugar snap peas to use up from my garden! I'm gonna use jasmine rice...

  2. Sorry to hear about your kindle, hope you can revive it. I cannot believe you just posted this recipe! I put it on my facebook last night and printed it yesterday and want to try it soon! I LOVE General Tso's Chicken. Good to know your family enjoyed it!


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