Tuesday, January 3, 2012

gentle reminders

While everyone is busy making RESOLUTIONS for the new year, I prefer to call them reminders.  RESOLUTIONS seem so daunting, while it is easier to remind myself about something.  And I am more forgiving of myself when I forget something, rather than BREAKING A RESOLUTION.

* I will remind myself to take more walks, in all weather, to enjoy the beauty of each season.

* I will remind myself to floss more, as I want to keep my teeth.

* I will remind myself to grab a piece of fruit rather than a salty snack.

* I will remind myself to exercise my brain, as well as my body.  I am a fan of Sudoku, but need to come up with another brain exercise.

* I will remind myself to find more time for creativity, and less time for house cleaning.

* I will remind myself to cherish my family and friends, as each day is precious.

What are you going to remind yourself to do this year?


  1. I really like this post. I like the ideas of reminders and I agree with every one of the reminders you've listed. I don't go outside nearly enough in winter. But, when I do, I always feel better.

  2. Flossing & treating myself to more fruit (your pic shows raspberries, my all time fave!), taking more walks, and being creative. Yep, great reminders! Thank you.


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