Monday, March 14, 2011

a random act

Friday afternoon found Charlie and I waiting endlessly at the clinic for a simple check-up.  Friday afternoon appointments have to be the worst ever, it's late in the day at the end of the week, and the chances you will be seen on time are rather slim. (insert peaceful photo that is completely unrelated to topic)

An hour after our appointed time, the doctor fnally walked through the door and checked Charlie out.  He has started getting migraine headaches, so the doctor told him no more caffeine, of any kind.  We also needed to set up an echocardiogram for him, as Mike has just been diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (say that fast three times...) and Charlie needs to get screened for it.  Poor kid, he got migraines from my side of the family and possible heart issues from Mike's.  Charlie and his doctor had a discussion about genetics, and how they influence your life (Charlie has been studying it in science class).

Finally set free, we walked to the parking lot realizing that getting to St. Paul from Edina at 5 pm would not be a quick run.  I chose American Boulevard to make our way home, it parallels the freeway and is usually faster.  But we found out that nowhere is fast at 5 pm on Friday night. (insert another peaceful photo)

Spying a Wendy's on the horizon, Charlie suggested we stop in and grab a fish sandwich.  First off, we are not big fast food folks, we will pick it up on a drive somewhere, but even then it is usually Subway.  So it is a pretty rare occurence for us to be in a drive through lane, let alone after 5 on a Friday night in March, in Bloomington, no less.

But we really like Wendy's fish sandwiches, and they only sell them during Lent, so what the heck. (insert photo of fish from Como Conservatory, clearly not Pacific Cod)

We wound our way through the lot, placed our order, and pulled up to the window.  As I was reaching in my wallet the young man at the window said "The person who was in front of you asked me to give you this."  It was a note from "Sarah, the person in the car in front of you" and she had paid for our dinner!

I had heard about random acts of drive-through kindness, and today, harried and hungry, we were recipients of one.  It kind of turned the whole day around, and we drove off, smiling and singing to a song on the radio.

Thanks Sarah, I only saw your taillights as you pulled out of the parking lot, but your kindness was greatly appreciated.  And as you suggested in your note, I will be passing it on.


  1. You're funny! And, then that random act of drive through kindness... how cool is that? It couldn't have happened to a nicer person. :o)

  2. That is all kinds of awesome!


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