Wednesday, March 9, 2011

on a wing and a prayer

Fifteen years ago today, a tiny little shop in a strip mall in St. Louis Park opened it's doors to the public.

It was the result of months and months of planning, sleepless nights, hard work, painting, building, and help from so many people.

I seriously can't believe ACES has been around for 15 years.  When we started this, we never dreamed where it would take us.

We have upgraded simulators, built them for other people,  Lockheed Martin, and schools.  We have donated gift cards to numerous organizations-both big and small-needing our help.  We have made many "Make a Wish" dreams come true.  We have provided employment for dozens of people, and worked with tiny vendors across the United States.  We have gone through good times, and bad times.

And here we are, at the Mall of America, and people still come to fly and have fun.

Being married to your business partner brings challenges, and perks.  I really do need to write a book about it someday.

How do you mark 15 years?  I wanted to make an amazing scrapbook for Mike, but the pictures are scattered throughout the house.  Cupcakes should definitely be eaten.  We should probably go out for dinner, and celebrate.

On our 10 year anniversary, we had a big party and Mike made this movie.  It tells our story better than any scrapbook I could ever put together:

Happy Anniversary Mike! And thank you to everyone who ever had a hand in making our dreams come true.


  1. Happy Anniversary - Love you guys! xo

  2. Congratulations! Have fun celebrating.


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