Tuesday, September 4, 2012

time flies, high school edition

The sounds of the first day of school have started filling the neighborhood.  A bright yellow bus sits idling across the street from our house, the driver checking his map.  It is sticky warm out, with no breeze stirring the leaves. Charlie was up at 6, this will probably be the only day it won't be extremely hard to get him out of bed.  He asked for a big cup of coffee, and made sure to check Twitter and Facebook before he headed out the door.

I am just so amazed at the passage of time, I ran across this post from his first day of middle school and I had to share : http://ohfercute.blogspot.com/2009/09/time-flies-first-day-of-school-edition.html .

And now here is my freshman (it was the most smile I could coax out of him today, he was appalled that I wanted to take his picture):

His face freshly shaven (ARGH!),  his deep voice said goodbye as he walked away down the sidewalk to his bus stop.  Today I am mailing in his registration for Driver's Ed.

HOW. IN. THE. WORLD. did this happen so very fast?

Maybe today I will hide on the couch and watch old movies of him when he was little.

Wait, they are all on VHS.  Perhaps I better get them converted to another media type?

Did you have to say a big goodbye to your children this morning?  Or did you have to do the BIG goodbye for a year at college?

I think we all deserve a nice glass of wine today (or whatever your beverage of choice is). Good job moms!  (and dads!)


  1. What a big day! My daughter also gave me hard time for wanting to take her picture. But I did. We can't stop now just because they're high schoolers.

    Coffee, Shaving, and Driver's Ed, OH MY! Where has the time gone?!

    1. He just saw the picture and he hates it-I reminded him if he had been more cooperative we could have spent more time getting a better shot...now I need to head over to your blog and see if you posted a pic yet!

  2. Coffee for breakfast...he's my kind of man.

    1. We often have to make two pots in the morning now!

  3. He is a handsome guy! I hope he's been enjoying his first few days. Ethan is liking 9th grade a lot so far. :o)

    1. So far, so good. I think he likes his new found freedom, as his middle school was really strict. Ethan looks so old-he is a handsome young man too! And Ashley looks so happy, just beautiful.


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