Monday, September 10, 2012

wild about vines

While I didn't get to spend much time in my garden this summer, things seemed to grow without much attention from me other than watering. I did faithfully apply my favorite plant food; fish goo (as I like to call it) once a month.

But my vines, all of my lovely vines! I planted two types of morning glories on a trellis along with a black eyed susan vine and some malabar spinach. Only one of the morning glories grew proficiently, but all summer I had intense vines with no flowers.  It is only in the last week or so that I have had blooms (which makes sense since I haven't fed them since the beginning of July). I just recently learned that feeding vining plants will produce lots of vine and very little flower. Lesson learned!

I planted a lovely variety of black eyed susan vine on a trellis right across from my favorite spot to sit in the backyard (not far from some anemic tomatoes and listless basil...). It has finally been rewarding me with oodles of blossoms. Isn't it pretty???? My favorite plant this year, I need to make sure to plant it again next year.

And my scarlet runner bean vine is threatening to take over the entire garden. It has already devoured a window box, I don't have the heart to chop it back.

It is producing lots of beans, which I need to harvest before they get too big, but I have learned I can pick the big ones and dry them, once the pods rattle in the shells I can use them in soup this winter. Bonus Plant!

I have read that hummingbirds and bees love the blossoms. I am not sure if I have had hummingbird visitors or not, they were probably scared off by all of the construction across the street this summer.

Now to make notes on all of these things so I make smart purchasing and planting decisions next spring!

Did you have a favorite plant in  your garden this year?


  1. Gorgeous photos! My black eyed susan vines have become crispy. Interesting lesson about feeding vines...

  2. Absolutely stunning. Vines were definitely the thing this hot summer.


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