Friday, September 7, 2012

anticipating autumn

This morning, half awake, I reached down to the end of the bed for the blanket.  It cooled off so much last night, that the soft bamboo sheet wasn't warm enough.

When I finally made it downstairs, I propped open the kitchen door to catch the crisp breeze.  I heard geese flying over the house, and looking outside I could see low gray tinged clouds over the top of the school across the street.

The first morning it has really felt like fall is here.  I bypassed my skirt and sandals for long pants and  tennis shoes, and it felt so good to throw another layer on over my t-shirt.

As I type this, the Cretin marching band is practicing in the field across the street, and I can hear leaves skittering down the sidewalk.  The lawns are brown, as we have had little rain in the last few weeks.  My garden mums are nearly ready to burst into bloom, and I am thinking I may need to start looking for some pumpkins and gourds for the window boxes (here are some of last year's finds).

I have never wanted autumn to arrive so much as I have this year.  It was a rather crummy summer around here, and I am so glad to say goodbye to it.  I eagerly anticipate fall cooking, wool sweaters, and cool afternoons enjoyed with hot cups of tea.

What do you most look forward to in the fall?


  1. You write so well, Kristi! Like you, I get excited with the chill in the air and anticipate the changes that Fall brings.

    P.S. I need to buy some bamboo sheets!

  2. Well, I guess one of my favorite things about fall is apple crisp! Just loved this post.


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