Tuesday, March 6, 2012

TV Tuesday

As I was watching "Alcatraz" last night, I realized it's been ages since we talked TV !

Do you have some new favorites this season?  Not that it is really broken into seasons anymore, it seems.  "Parenthood" is done for the 'season'.  In February????  We will have to wait until next fall to find out what happens in the on-going family saga.  We have come a loooooong way from "The Waltons"....

Another favorite continues to be "Castle", but last night was a re-run.  I hate repeats.

I know it isn't cutting edge, and it's kinda cheesy at times, but I will do cheesy to watch Nathan Fillian.

The season finale of "House" was supposed to be last week, and when I eagerly turned the channel all I saw was cars, racing around an oval.  ugh.  And now last night they showed two episodes of "Alcatraz".  When will we get to see Dr. House berate his staff one last time this season?

House Tv Show

I do enjoy "Alcatraz", so it wasn't all bad.  Have you been watching it?

And of course there is the whole "Downton Abbey" phenomena.  I have adored it since it first started, and now that I have all my friends on board maybe I can have a "DA" party next season.  Shirley Mclaine is joining the fun for season three, can't wait to see her and Maggie Smith exchange barbs!

Charlie and I are both hooked on "Grimm"

and "The River".
The River Poster

We like scary things, and I love that there is something Charlie still wants to do with his old mom.  He even said he wanted to see "The Hunger Games" with me!  Probably after he sees it with his friends.  I wonder if I will need to wear sunglasses....Have you read the Hunger Games?  Charlie convinced me I needed to read it, and I LOVED it.  I just downloaded the second book in the series to read over spring break.

What are you watching on these long winter nights?

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  1. Oh how I loved Downton Abbey. I think I'll rewatch it before Season Three! Andrea is reading The Hunger Games and she absolutely loves them. I don't think I could read those...they'd make me nervous! But people sure seem to be enjoying that series.

  2. Juliana and I watch Alcatraz. In fact, we have a new one recorded, waiting for us to watch.

    We ADORE Downton Abbey! When we were both sick, we made my poor husband go out and buy both seasons so we could watch the entire thing. Even my 8 year-old nephew sometimes watch the show.

    As for The Hunger Games, I'm a big fan! I can't wait for the movie to come out. We get Entertainment Weekly - because I have to keep up with what's happenin' - and they had a big article on the actors. Should be good!

  3. We are die hard Parenthood watchers at our house.


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