Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Officially Here!

Oh, most definitely.

I have been in sandals now for over a week.

And I can guarantee you that never happened in March before!

I am sure everyone is aware of the crazy weather we have been experiencing, we have broken temperature records the last 8 of 10 days.  Rather than looking at dirty piles of crusty snow and longing for just a hint of warmth, as we are normally doing this time of year, we are seeing buds on our lilac bushes.

I am giddy.  Positively giddy.

My tulips have popped through the leaf mulch and may even by blooming by Easter!  Totally unprecedented in this part of the world.   ( I know, pictures would be nice.  I am getting to them...)

My yard furniture is out and cleaned off, and we have even had dinner OUTSIDE!  I have resisted removing all of the winter cover from my gardens, everyone has said we must wait.  Oh darn, must I really just sit in a chair and read a book and drink a glass of iced tea, rather than doing yard work???  Okay.

In Minnesota, we do need to temper our joy with realism, but it looks like our anemic winter is really and truly over.  Oh sure, we could still get a random snow storm in April, or even May, but nothing that will stick around.  Ice is off all of our area lakes, and our thoughts have turned to fishing poles and bicycles!

I would like to know what this weather has done for the collective mental health of everyone in our state.  Are psychiatrists seeing happier patients?  Are Xanax prescriptions down?  I for one am much happier than I generally am this time of year, which ususally wafts between crabby and shrewish in March.  I was looking through some of my blog posts from this time last year, and I was definitely suffering from March malaise.  Not this year!

Even though a side effect of all of this joy and delight is the early arrival of allergy season, an early purchase of Claritin is a small price to pay to see grass turning green outside my window.  Happy Vernal Equinox!


  1. I am loving it, too! We had burgers on the grill at a friend's house and sat on their deck to eat them. Also had a campfire already. It's strange weather, but we'll take it!

  2. I live in southern California, so our appreciation of the weather must be taken with a grain of salt (it's never really cold here. ever).

    But all I can say is that my toes aren't ready for prime time yet. I must get to the salon STAT.

    (For my once-a-year pedicure. Some people change their closets; I need some major repair on my feet. Indeed.)


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