Monday, March 12, 2012

got the fever

Oh my.  Our nearly non-existent winter has turned into spring already.  I took a walk and had to take off my jacket, walking in my shirtsleeves on March 11th!  I sat in my back yard yesterday wearing sandals and reading my book, watching the sun turn the last layers of icy snow into water.  I could hear it running into the storm sewers, and dripping off the rooftop.  What a wonderful sound!

Dreaming of flowers, I will share pictures of what I planted last spring, to soothe my fever...

The insulating plastic has been ripped from our ancient windows (always such a cathartic thing to do on that first warm day!) and I have had the windows open all weekend.  The birds have been celebrating too, singing the joys of the sunshine.  If I could sing I would join them!

I want to go to a garden center and buy colorful pansies, but I am quite sure they aren't available yet.  It is MARCH TWELFTH.  Seriously???

We had burgers on the grill last night for the first time, and dreamed of all those dinners we will have in our backyard.

But being a Minnesotan, I am realistic.  I am taking the flannel sheets off the beds today, as we are supposed to be in the seventies this week!  But I won't pack them away for good, and the snow boots will remain by the door for now.  I do recall an April Fool's Day snowstorm a few years ago, when we got 14" in one day....

Other than those practical thoughts, spring fever has definitely taken hold!


  1. Your bright & colorful photos were So fun to see this morning! I've got the fever, too. :o)

  2. Beautiful words, beautiful pictures.

    Although here in California, I felt like we never really got our winter (such as it is) this post makes me long for spring even more.

    Burgers, pansies, sunshine. Not a bad replacement for flannel sheets.

    1. Julie-welcome to my blog! I am so honored that you stopped by for a visit.


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