Friday, March 16, 2012

I am NOT a fashion star


But I watched the new show a few days ago.

I am not a big reality show person, I have never watched an episode of 'Dancing with the Stars', or 'American Idol'.  I have seen snippets, so I am aware, but I have not been interested in following them.  Mike is a big fan of 'Pawn Stars', and we all like "American Pickers'.  But I am more into drama, 'House', the new 'Awake', 'Bones', and almost any Masterpiece Classic.

But I got sucked in the other night, and spent two hours watching wannabe designers try to make their dreams come true.  What fun!  It's an interesting premise, and having been a buyer for Target oh so many years ago, I watched as the buyers from Macys, H & M, and Saks decided whether to make an offer for the designs.

When I was 18, trying to decide what to do with my life, I did think for a time I would like to enter the world of fashion design.  Lesser known fact, I was the winner of Seventeen Magazine's "Design a Prom Dress" contest in 1981.  They featured my design in the magazine, and even had a postage stamp sized photo of my young self.  I won $100 and a box full of sewing notions, it was so exciting.  In fact, when they called  to let me know I had won, I assumed someone was tricking me and I hung up on them.  Thank goodness they called me back!

I do have the magazine stashed away somewhere, if I can dig it up I will scan the piece to share with all of you.  The image above has nothing to do with my design, I just found it on the net and loved the elegance.

While I have continued to sew through the years, making most of Charlie's clothes when he was little, my sewing now is more about making new curtains and pillows each season, rather than fashion.  I do some hand sewing for my Etsy shop, but no clothes for me.

Although having watched 'Fashion Star' now, I am feeling like whipping up something for myself.  Inspired!

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  1. How cool that you won that contest! I would LOVE to see the article. :o)


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