Saturday, March 24, 2012

gone skiin'

Don't know how much I will be chatting in the next week, we are heading to Whitefish!

Posted 03/22/2012 Powder Day - When Russ isn't slinging pies at Jersey Boys Pizza he is in search of fresh powder turns. Found some. Photo by Big Dave
(this photo is from their website, from 3/22)

They have been getting TONS of snow in the last week, Charlie and Mike can hardly wait to hit the mountain.  Especially since the winter season got cut short here, along with the ski season.

We haven't had a real family vacation since we had our Black Hills adventure a few summers ago, we are all so ready for some fun!

To make the trip even more interesting, we are taking the Empire Builder.  Train travel has always been on my 'want to do' list, and I promise to post about the journey.  Here is a glimpse of where we are staying:  ( I am SOOOO excited!)

Claude is being well cared for while we are gone, thank goodness for very good friends.  Tracy, you are the best!

I can't wait to share our journey, stay tuned!


  1. I will miss you while you're gone. Have a fabulous trip. It's my pleasure to take care of Sir Claude. He'll get plenty of TLC. Be well, dear friend!

  2. Oh how fun! A train trip will be wonderful. Your resort looks fabulous too!

  3. That looks amazing! Have a great time. I can't wait to hear about it when you're back.


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