Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Here in St. Paul, St. Patrick's Day is a really big deal.

(Image borrowed from the interwebs, isn't it beautiful???)

As Jesse Ventura so famously said in 1999, on the David Letterman show "Whoever designed the streets (in St. Paul) must have been drunk.  I think it was those Irish guys, you know what they like to do."

Ah, the Ventura governing days....

St. Paul is full of proud Irish families (even those who may have designed our streets), as evidenced by the annual St. Patrick's Day parade.  In my twenty years of living in St. Paul, we have never made it to the parade, we almost did, as you may recall:

Family history shows a little Irish running through my veins, and Mike is a full 50% Irish, as his mother is 100% Irish-making Charlie at least 25% Irish, right?  So we have to celebrate the big day.

Some years I have made Charlie green eggs and ham for breakfast, or colored his milk green, or cut his toast into shamrocks.  I am strange that way.

Last year I stumbled upon a wonderful Irish stew recipe, that will definitely be making an appearance again this year.  Even though it is supposed to be SEVENTY DEGREES on Saturday!  May in March!  Dangit, we will eat our Irish stew no matter the springlike weather.  Here is a link to the printable recipe:

Because one year I made corned beef and cabbage, and we all vowed we would never eat it again....

Will you make something special this Saturday?  Or just get a McDonald's Shamrock Shake and call it a day?


  1. Any day is a good day for a celebration. Jim tried your Irish stew recipe last year, and it was great! Thanks! On Sunday we're having two couples over for "Finnish night" (remember, Jim is Finnish in his heart): kalamojakka (fish chowder), Finnish rye bread with caraway seeds, beet salad w/arugula and feta, and rice pudding (I've never MADE rice pudding!). Jim does the first two dishes, I do the second and the table, and we straighten up the house together. After supper we're going to watch Steam of Life, a documentary I happened to catch on TV about Finnish men taking saunas and talking about their lives. It's really beautiful and poignant. AND, St. Urho's Day is this Friday, so we'll be toasting that as well. Cheers, y'all!

  2. Haven't planned a thing yet. Your Irish stew sounds wonderful! A shamrock shake, now that's an idea...

  3. I'm loving this wonderful weather! Your Irish stew will be good, no matter what the temperature. There's no Irish green running through my veins, but it's fun to see how St. Paul celebrates!


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