Monday, November 15, 2010

before the snow...

When it was so nice last week, nearly seventy (in November!) I knew my chances to take photos in my yard were quickly dwindling. 

So I abandoned my buttons and such, just for a few minutes, and documented the late fall glory.

We got 6" of heavy, wet, heart attack snow on Saturday. 

When I pulled back the curtain early Saturday morning, every tree bough and surface was wearing a thick white coat.  I chose NOT to take pictures of it.  I'm not quite ready.

So I pulled up these photos this morning on my computer, and I share them with you today, and mourn the fact that we are already shoveling.  ugh.

And just a teeny tiny request going out to Mother Nature-PLEASE keep the snow away for our boutique this weekend!

(and on a side note, even though it seems as if I have not been blogging much lately, I discovered that this is my SEVEN HUNDREDTH post.  Who knew I had so much to say?)


  1. Sigh...I miss my garden already. I even had snapdragons blooming last week. Crazy. I love your pictures; but when you're ready for snow, I'm sure you'll have gorgeous pictures of your backyard winter wonderland.

  2. I love that 3rd photo down with the yellow leaves. Pretty! And, how cute to put pumpkins and a bird house in your window box. So creative are you!


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