Friday, September 2, 2011

school daze

Charlie started back to school on Wednesday.  Talk about the summer flying by!

He goes to a charter school, so they are exempt from the law of an after Labor Day start.  While he dislikes starting before some of his friends, he really enjoys finishing up earlier than they do in June.  (this was taken when he arrived home on his first day-he was so wiped out he fell asleep right after dinner!)

His voice is deeper and lower, he grew a few inches this summer, and he has really hairy legs.

Where oh where did my little boy go?

I remember waking him up for preschool, and he would bounce out of bed, happy, smiling, and often singing.  (and who knew he would be wearing nearly the very same thing in 8th grade???)

Now it takes several attempts to drag him from his twisted sheets, and he slowly plods down the hall.  He does still say 'Good morning', and will let me hug him, so all is not lost.

Eighth grade holds lots of promise for this young man.  Seventh grade was kind of rough, and he didn't work to his full potential.  Hoping this will be the year he decides to shine.

Are you ready for back to school?


  1. What a handsome young man. Summer did fly by. I want to know if he requested a favorite dish on the first day of school? :o)

    Tues. (6th) is the first day here and I'm thinking about make your own pizza, but not sure yet...

  2. I Love that he wore the same outfit. lol


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