Monday, September 26, 2011

feeding a cold

We almost made it a whole month into school before the first bug came home.

Friday night, Charlie complained of a sore throat.

Saturday, I had him gargle with warm salt water, and later made him a nice hot cup of tea with honey.

(image found on line at the gifted penguin, uk -  isn't it sweet?)

He went and played paintball later in the day with his friends, and came home feeling even worse.

Sunday?  Ricola throat drops, chicken soup, more tea, and an entire box of Kleenex later, I officially declare it the first cold of the season.

Is that a scratchy throat I feel, or is it just dry in here?????


  1. Oh, so sorry to hear that Charlie hasn't been feeling well. Son #1 has also not been well, and I made him a batch of your quick chix noodle wonders. Stay healthy and hope Charlie is well soon.

  2. Ashley stayed home today with a sore throat, chills and sneezing like crazy. It's really going around! Hope Charlie is better soon.


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