Thursday, September 8, 2011

August garden

I know, it's September, but I am just getting around to this....
The August garden has the whine of cicadas in the background, and the sounds of the football team practicing in the field across the street.  Some plants are tired, and spent.  Others continue vibrant and cheerful.
I have never had blooms on my sweet potato vine before.  What a fun surprise!
I plant Datura (also known as Moonflower) every year, instead of white this year I found purple and yellow.  It reminds me of a plant that might be tended by students at Hogwarts-and in fact the leaves are quite poisonous.  I make sure no one eats them.  Isn't it a stunning bloom?  Sadly, it only lasts about 24 hours.  But it leaves interesting things behind....
One of the reasons I love coleus is it is so reliable, and provides beautiful, consistent color all season long.  And now that there are so many new varieties, I can have stunning color in sun or shade, in beds and boxes and pots.  Now if they could only come up with some that are frost resistant....
Begonias show their flirty skirts all summer long.  While I find August blooms to be just a bit paler than the vibrant colors of June, I still adore them.
An old fashioned flower, I planted 4 o'clocks this year.  Their cheerful blooms pop out in the morning, and true to their name, are closed up by late afternoon, resting up for the next day's display.
Browalia adds a dainty, cheerful touch to the shade garden.  These have just had a much needed drink.
Cleome is big and flashy in the sun garden, yet elegant at the same time.  Only one of the four I planted bloomed, but since I have a tendency to plant too much and crowd things (when will I ever learn?) that is one of the results.  Perhaps I will review these notes before planting next spring.....mental note.
These zinnias were purchased on my May birthday in Alma, Wisconsin, and have provided happy blooms all summer.

How is YOUR garden doing?

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  1. They are all sooo pretty. The zinnia at the bottom, wow! What a neat color.

    I love your Hogwarts comment. :o)


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