Tuesday, September 20, 2011


September seems to be busier than December is, for me.  I like to call it my CREATIVE month!

For the last several years, I have been fortunate enough to attend Junk Bonanza.   http://www.junkbonanza.com/  Held in Canterbury Park, Shakopee, this year it was just as much fun as always!  More than one hundred vendors, from all across America, selling things I love.
This year, my good friend Tracy http://www.sellabitmum.com/ invited me to join her, as she had won two early bird VIP tickets to the event.  WAHOO!

We could get inside at 8 am, which meant getting up early (for me) and driving in traffic.  ugh.  But it was SO worth it!

Rather than checking out all the booths up front, Tracy and I headed directly to the back, where we could shop nearly by ourselves, then eventually wound our way to the front, and the crowds.  I found such fun things!
Buttons for making bracelets,
vintage bread tins that I will use for displaying bracelets at my next show, old jewelry boxes, very cool pumpkins,
an old wooden folding yard stick, vintage tape measure, and this year, CLOCKS.  Lots of clocks.
I have an idea, I will share more later if it works out....my fingers are just itching to get creating!

At 10 am, the general public was allowed in, but by 10:30 we were pretty much shopped (or shall I say 'junked' ) out.

We headed to Prior Lake, and had breakfast at the most amazing little spot, the Edelweiss Bakery. http://www.edelweissbakery.net/  (image taken from their website, isn't it great?)

It was a wonderful day, spent with a delightful friend.  Ahhh, the joys of September....


  1. You are so good at finding treasures...

  2. You are the queen of finding treasures. It was so much fun. xo


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