Monday, October 11, 2010

summer in October

Don't get me wrong, the weather Mother Nature has kindly bestowed on us for this month has been nothing short of incredible.  Record breaking, etc.  I have had to run the air conditioner in our bedroom the last two nights, and "humidity" has even crept back in to the weather forecaster's lingo.  The last few days have been in the eighties.  80's in October!

It was peak fall color here in the Twin Cities this weekend, everyone was out and about taking it all in.  There were harvest festivals with giant pumpkins, and impromptu baseball games in the field across the street.
I have been out walking in it, driving in it, soaking it all in.

But one tiny little complaint?  Am I allowed?  I have now been tending and watering my gardens for SIX MONTHS.  I am growing weary of it, but the impatiens, and coleus, and begonias, and dahlias, continue to thrive.  I would feel so guilty just letting them go now, after all they have been through this summer.  Extreme heat, hail, downpours of rain, they have survived it all.

So I am still watering.  And the forecast is for continuous good weather.  Here in Minnesota, we will take it, store it up, hoard it for the cold winter months to come.  And I promise not to whine anymore about watering my plants.

Tomorrow, look for more garden shots and my thoughts on what I will (and won't) plant next year....

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  1. I admit it; I too am getting tired of watering. But, water I will as long as this gorgeous weather continues. Your plants look fabulous!


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