Saturday, October 16, 2010

early to rise....

Right now our life is full of amazing things, so much so that I often awake at 5 in the morning with zero chance of returning to sleep.   I stumble back from the bathroom, thinking that the ultra comfy bed and bargain velvet comforter will allow me to drift off for another two hours, but my brain has already been kick-started.  I lie in my bed,  my head buzzing with my to-do list, and I realize that returning to a deep slumber just ain't gonna happen.  (sorry Mary, this grammar is the only way this post could fact this whole post will be red pen-worthy...)

Today, Saturday, a day I really could have slept in, I hobbled down the stairs at 5:30 am.  Our newspaper carrier was just walking away from making his deposit on our step.  (side note:  we have the world's best newspaper man.  He NEVER fails to deliver the paper on time.  EVER.)

Used to be, the newspaper was part of my morning ritual.  Hot coffee in hand, I would relax on the couch (or out on the patio in the summertime-shown above, in July) and catch up on current events.  Having checked out the world and local news, and the current Target stock price, I would also read my favorite comics, review my horoscope, and do the Sudoku puzzle.  On Thursdays I would look for recipes, and on Fridays for rummage and estate sales.

Ever since I opened my Etsy shop, I am lucky to catch up with the paper once a week-usually Sunday.   I kinda miss it!  And forget the puzzle.

Even if I am not reading about it, the world carries on.  And I am still able to function, even if I am completely unaware of what my day is supposed to hold, or have not worked my brain numerically.

It's okay.  My life is REALLY full right now, and so far, so good.  Routines do not need to be routines forever.  But I DO miss reading my magazines.   I have a pile of glossy untouched magazines, just waiting on my coffee table, for that day I have time to read them.  January???

But life is not too full to take some pictures, and capture the beauty of the season....

The weather forecasters tell us that starting tomorrow, we will be experiencing a bit more 'seasonal' weather.  We may even come close to a frost. 

Which means I really need to pot up my Italian parsley, my rosemary, my sage, and my basil for the coming months.  It is almost like we have been lulled into a feeling that the nice weather will stick around forever, and fall garden chores can wait.  Maybe I can hire Charlie to take care of gardening things for me....

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  1. I love the photo of your outdoor sitting space, love the white picket fence too.


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