Friday, October 15, 2010

for your Sunday afternoons

Did any of you grow up listening to the radio?

Maybe it was a Twins game, in the background, on a summer night.

Other than "A Prairie Home Companion", I am guessing most of you have not listened to a true radio show.

Well now, you have a chance. 

Mike's aunt Mary, who lives in Alexandria, is part of the Lake Area Theater, and beginning this Sunday they will be sending out radio shows!  Here is a link to the article in their local paper, telling all about it:  If you live near there, you can even attend the live performance of the show as it is being recorded.

But if you can't get to Alexandria,  you can catch the show Sunday afternoons at 12:30 pm, streaming live from this website:

Mary will be performing in the show on Sunday, October 24th:  The Diary: A Ghost Story.

How fun is that?????  Modern day technology giving us access to a genre that's been around a long time...

Have a great weekend!


  1. XM has a couple of channels that play old radio shows. I love them!

  2. While I didn't grow up listening to a radio show, my dad and I listened every Sat. to Texaco presents The Metropolitan Opera.


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