Friday, October 10, 2008

when I grow up...

I want to be somebody else.

I find during times of extreme activity, with little down time, that I tend to daydream about the people I wish I was, instead of myself.

I have already introduced you to Amy Butler, she designs fabric and patterns and all sorts of wonderful things in her converted barn. sigh.

Now I want to introduce you to someone else I would like to be right now-I have had her cookbooks for years, and I get a lovely email newsletter from her every so often. She lives on Martha's vineyard, and writes and illustrates cookbooks, and designs fabric and scrapping supplies.

If you need a little break from whatever is bugging you in your life right now, hop on over to her website for a breath of fresh autumn air. (there will not be one word about politics, or the economy).

I think we could all use a respite right now! I myself think I may bake some bread this weekend, just to get back to basics for a bit.

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