Saturday, October 18, 2008


It is an absolutely gorgeous fall day here in St. Paul. The leaves are at their peak, and the sun is shining in a nearly cloudless, achingly blue sky. I hope to get out this afternoon and take some pics, to show those of you who are missing fall, how beautiful it is.

Just thinking today how lucky I am, in so many ways. Last night I got to join dear friends for dinner and shopping. I rarely get to see them, and it was so fun just to forget about accounting and flight simulators and such for a few hours. Thanks Sally and Sue!

This morning I got to reconnect with Joelle, she used to live next door to us, and our boys are just 4 months apart in age. They practically grew up together, until they moved to Golden Valley nearly 6 years ago. They still get together when they can, and today they have been riding bikes, playing football and video games, and enjoying malts and burgers at Snuffy's. I wish they were still here in the neighborhood, Joelle is just the sweetest, and I miss her smile and kindness. And she shared pictures and memories of her 10 day trip to France with her mom, which she recently got back from. I need to add that to my list of places to go to!

Today I am feeling like a pretty lucky person, and counting all my blessings, long before Thanksgiving even arrives....

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