Tuesday, June 26, 2012

time out

I wasn't sure what to call this post; vacation?  sabbatical?  Neither word really explains it, so "time out" it is.

I haven't been blogging, mostly because I don't want to impose narcotic induced babbling that no one really wants to hear.  And I find that anything I do on the computer takes at least twice as long as it used to.

I haven't been doing much to tell you about, and I can't get pictures of my beautiful garden, and I am tired of waiting for my kid to find the time.  We have different priorities... the pictures today are from last year's garden, to cheerful up this gloomy post.

Charlie has learned to do laundry, and he and Mike are taking care of the house and such.  But of course at their own speed, and not the way I would do it, but I have just had to learn to live with it, or I will turn into the World's Biggest Nag.  

I DO have something to look forward to - my mom, sister, and her son are coming down this Saturday to spend time with me and take care of me.  We will celebrate my mom's 70th birthday just a bit early, and of course do something fun to celebrate the fourth (in my backyard).  I am giddy with anticipation.  I have already warned them that the house will be 'man clean', and not 'Kristi clean', and they don't mind.

I won't learn until the end of next week what options I have to resolve my current back situation.  If I end up having fusion surgery it will be a six week recovery, so I think it's time to put my blog on hold until I feel whole again.

For now my world feels like this:  do you recall the old fashioned televisions we grew up with?  When we turned them off the screen would go black until there was just a tiny pinpoint of light in the center before it went completely dark?  My life feels like that small pinpoint of light right now, and I am just waiting (sometimes very impatiently) for things to turn on and be bright again.

I hope all of YOU are having wonderful summer adventures!


  1. These pictures are simply beautiful. Just like you are. Soon, you will have some answers to your questions regarding your back and a plan to take action. In the meantime, I'm here and I want to help you make your house Kristi clean for your mom and sister. You just need to say the word...I have Friday on reserve.

    Love you, Tracy

  2. I'm so sorry for your current situation. How wonderful that your mom & sis will come help take care of you. I'm sure it's so frustrating to not be able to garden or cook or just take your daily walks!

    Thinking of you...

  3. I hope you get some answers and help soon with your back. Since you are usually an active, busy person, I'm sure this is very difficult. It sounds like your weekend will be fun. And hopefully you'll get some well-deserved pampering!

    I look forward to your blogging (and pain-free) return!

  4. P.S. I thought those photos were from a professional gardening magazine or website! Way to go with your garden - it looks incredible!

  5. We're going to Chicago for the week just me and my kids and I fully expect to come home to "Man Clean" at least I hope its at least at Man Clean. 10 days without me but with the dogs... who knows what I'll come home to!

    Hope things are brighter soon!

  6. Just want to pop in and say... I miss you! Thinking of you (still check your blog every day to see if you magically appear) and hope things are stabilizing in your world. Love you, my cousin. :o)


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