Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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I have not been near my computer much lately, therefore no blog posts!  My life is very strange right now.

Quick update-heading in for more scans this week and I am meeting with a surgeon the first Friday in July to figure out what to do about my unhealthy back.

Part of my new mostly sedentary lifestyle is lots of reading time. In the past, when I have been crazy busy getting ready for shows, or I am inundated with work, I day dream about spending hours with my nose in a book.  Well, I seem to have received my wish!

Here are some of the books I have made it through in the last few weeks...

First up, "The Gilly Salt Sisters" by Tiffany Baker.  You may recall my post about her first book, "The Little Giant of Aberdeen County" (and if I could find it in my archive I would give you the link, but sadly I cannot).  I purchased this, in hardcover, something I NEVER do.  I usually add books to my request list at the library, or wait until I can find them at Half Price Books in the bargain basement for $2 or $3.  But having read her first book, I knew it would be worth it, and I could pass it on to friends.  And I had a coupon....

DontLookBackOh, I loved it.  She carefully draws her characters so intimately, and her atmospheric descriptions of scenes and events completely take you to the time and place.  Like Alice Hoffman (one of my very favorite authors) she sprinkles in a little magic along the way.

I have currently been reading three or four books at a time, as I have a range of things I like to read.  On my Kindle, I have discovered a new to me Scandinavian mystery author, Karin Fossum.  I quickly made it through "Don't Look Back", and I am in the middle of "He Who Fears the Wolf".

 I really love a good mystery, especially if the setting transports me to another country.  I have long been a big fan of British mysteries, and I am excited to have a new author, and new favorite Investigator (Inspector Sejer) to add to my pile.  They are very much "atmospheric thrillers", and definitely keep you guessing.

The Boleyn Inheritance Book CoverHistorical fiction is another area I enjoy reading, and no one does it better (or more prolifically!) then Phillipa Gregory.  Having read "The Lady of the River" earlier this year (Thanks Beth!  I have to get it back to you!) I looked through my book shelves to see what other titles I had, and dear friend Tracy has shared her titles as well.  I am nearly finished with "The Boleyn Inheritance", having recently finished watching every episode of "The Tudors" this is the perfect one to read to get even more detail about the era of Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard.  Waiting in the wings, to be enjoyed on a quiet summer evening are "The Queen's Fool" and "The Virgin Lover".  I can't seem to get enough!

The Dry Grass of August

If you enjoyed "The Help", I have a new one for you, that I read in just two days, "The Dry Grass of August".  (Thanks for the idea Heather!)  It takes place in the south during the fifites, and is told through the eyes of 13 year old Jubie.  Heart wrenching (I have always wanted to use that description) yet thoughtful, it is from first time author Anna Jean Mayhew.  She has worked on this book for years, and I think she has a winner.  I am still haunted by it, and how different America was back then.   I was initially drawn to it by the gorgeous cover-in this case you really can judge a book by it's cover!

Lastly, another mystery series that I am hooked on is by Julia Spenceer-Fleming.  I picked up the first book in the series for a special deal on my Kindle "In the Bleak Midwinter".  The story is of a former Army helicopter pilot, Clare Fergusson, who becomes an Episcopal priest (what a job change!) and ends up in a small town in New York State.  The other main character is Russ Val Alstyne, the town sheriff, and the two end up working together solving crimes.  And other things...  I have been requesting the rest of them from the library, and I am nearly done with all that she has written, so I will need to find a new mystery series, set somewhere in America to balance all of my European mysteries,  to replace it.  Any thoughts?  I have already read all of Dana Stabenow's books (set in Alaska) and I am also caught up on all of Susan Wittig Albert's books (set in Texas).  I would love your suggestions!

What are YOU reading this summer?


  1. Kristi - I'm sad you are still hurting. Will surgery be your only option?
    Earlier this year I read Same Kind of Different as You - moving.... and now I'm trying to get through Bloom: Finding beauty in the unexpected. My parents had a Down's Syndrome baby before I was born and it has given me a new appreciation of some of their experiences as they rarely talked about my brother. My daughter just finished the Seamstress by Sara Tuvel Bernstein - a Holocaust memoir - VERY good read. I hope you heal quickly and don't have so much time for reading so you can do so many of the other things you enjoy.

  2. So sorry about your back and I hope something can be done soon that will solve the problem.

    I just finished Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen and thought of you and was planning to suggest it to you, but lo & behold... you've read it.

    Believe it or not, I haven't read much mystery. You are moving me in that direction though. :o)

    I loved The Other Boleyn Girl and now have The Red Queen sitting in my pile. The Dry Grass of August sounds really good as I loved The Help.

    All the books you recommend sound wonderful. I'm glad you've had a chance to catch up on reading, but ohhh your poor back. Keep us informed!

  3. I have read most of Phillippa Gregory's books they are so interesting and so easy to fall into the whole story line and time period. I love reading, but have yet to start a book this summer hopefully that'll change soon!

  4. Kristi, thank you for your kind comments about The Dry Grass of August. I am so pleased that you liked it, and grateful for the mention here.

    I, too, have an unhealthy back, so I commiserate with you. I assume you've tried physical therapy...that has helped me so much, but it doesn't work for everyone. I wish you the best and hope you don't have to go under the knife...if you do, I hope the outcome is positive.

    Thanks again for telling others about Dry Grass.

    A. J. (author of The Dry Grass of August)

  5. O.K. - how flippin cool is that...the author commenting on your blog. Totally awesome!

    Regarding books...I need to get out of the Phillipa Gregory series and onto something else. I think I'll try one of the books you suggest here.

    Happy reading, my dear friend.

  6. Tracy~ I was JUST about to say the same thing! Very sweet that the author of The Dry Grass of August commented on your lovely review on this blog, Kristi! I will read the book FOR SURE now. :o) Very thoughtful remark.


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