Tuesday, June 5, 2012

looking for silver linings

Do you watch Jimmy Fallon?

I am a huge fan, I think he is just delightful.  His boyish charm, and genuine joy when he is interviewing some of his favorite people is so fun to watch.  I love that he plays games with his guests (water war with John Hamm is a particular favorite).  He brings on musical acts that I may not have heard of, that I add to my playlist.  I think the Roots are the perfect house band for him, and his sidekick Steve Higgins is HILARIOUS.  Their spontaneous humor during the monologue brings giggles.

No, I don't stay up that late.  Thank you, DVR, for taking care of me.

One regular bit that Jimmy has on his show is Pros and Cons.  I am borrowing that today to lighten up my current health situation.

I have been in lots of pain since Friday.  I can't do much other than switch positions on the bed, or the hide a bed. Sitting is mostly impossible.  But there are always two sides to every situation:

PRO?  I have read four books since Friday.

CON?  Girls have to go to the bathroom sitting down.

PRO?  Claude has LOVED spending so much time with me.

CON?  I have been unable to be outside in this gorgeous weather.

PRO?  I am nearly finished knitting a pair of socks I started in February.

CON?  I have to rely on Mike or Charlie to do lots of things for me.

PRO?  I can still do a lot of my regular job from my bed, with my laptop, so I am not too far behind.

CON?  Well, the pain really isn't much fun.

PRO?   My recent pedicure is holding up really well.

CON?  I can't cook, garden, sew, or make jewelry.

PRO?  I plan to catch up on my giant stacks of magazines.

So, I can't get in to see my new back doctor until June 18th.  TWELVE days from now.  They advised me to go to my primary care physician if I really couldn't wait until then.  I now have an appointment with her tomorrow.

I will keep you posted....and I found out that the majority of the pictures from my surprise party post couldn't be seen, so I promise to fix that and re-post that, eventually....

Thanks to all of you who have wished me well!


  1. Oh I hope you feel better! I imagine that while I would also enjoy catching up on the world's largest stack of magazines I would go completely stir crazy. Are you at least able to get the nice fresh breeze your way?

  2. You poor dear! I think it's amazing you can find any "pros" in your condition. Sorry about the pain and I hope a solution can be found soon.

    I like Jimmy Fallon, but never watch it because I don't know how to work the new DVR. So there. Con.

  3. I'm glad you're going in sooner than the 18th! Maybe your regular doctor can help "tide you over" until you see the back doctor.

    Is the hide-a-bed helping or hurting? I've never met a hide-a-bed that was very comfortable.

    I'm glad you're family is back to take care of you. I'm sure you'd do (and have done) the same thing for them.

    Feel better soon!


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