Wednesday, November 16, 2011

more sneak peeks, and an invite

The Knightsbridge show is only a few days away!  I am feeling good about being ready, but of course I am still working on more goodies in my spare time.  I can rest on Sunday!

Today I share with you some of the other goodies I will have for sale, along with the scarves I showed you in the last post.

This all started with my button bracelets last fall when I opened my Etsy shop.  I love to create, and I adore old notions, so I figured I would share my creations with the world.  You will find a huge variety of bracelets at my show:

Fun color combinations:
Antiqued and vintage looking:
Elegant and understated:
Bright and cheerful:
And buttons that make a statement:
Over 100 styles to choose from-a style to suit all kinds of people on your holiday shopping list. (sorry for the less than fabulous photos, my hubby, the photographer was gone hunting so I had to take my own pictures....)  Prices range from $24-$38 (which includes the sales tax).

For this show, I decided to make a variety of necklaces too.  There are simple chain pieces, with fun charms and baubles and beads, available in shiny silver, blackened silver, antiqued brass, and copper:
I have an assortment of unique pieces that feature different types of chain, charms, and some even have real working mini harmonicas!   Those are available in either brushed silver, blackened silver, or antiqued brass.
I also made two of these truly unique pieces, they are long and gorgeous and I am tempted to keep them for myself!  I have one in silver and one in antiqued brass, both feature fine chain, pearls, and an assortment of charms and baubles. (that's my mannequin Betty, looking to need a little repair before the big day on Saturday...)
These are a repeat from my show last fall, they were such a big hit I knew I needed to make them again-they are made with Swarovski crystals and pearls and Vintaj brass.
And now, a last minute invite!  Since I will have my table all set up at my house (I always do that to make sure I have enough space for everything I am bringing, and to make set-up easier on the day of the show), I decided to invite friends and neighbors over for a sneak preview at my house on Thursday night from 6-9 pm.  I will have wine and snacks to enjoy while you check everything out.  So if you can't make it to St. Louis Park on Saturday, I hope you can stop by my little house on Thursday night.


  1. Stunning, absolutely stunning. See you tonight!

  2. As in tonight? Sigh. Wish I was there!


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