Friday, November 11, 2011

Knightsbridge sneak preview

Taking a break from sewing and filing button backs to share some pictures with you.

Fall is here, and with it the need for some new accessories in our closets!  A great new trend I have been seeing on my fashion forward friend Tracy (, in the J Jill and Sundance catalogs, and now on my dining room table-the infinity scarf.  I am calling mine "roundabouts", because I like to be different and I thought it was a fun name.  (On top of that, my sister thought of it, and she is a genius when it comes to picking out names for things.)
The beauty of the roundabout is you don't have scarf ends getting stuck in the car door or dropping in your soup!  I have fashioned mine from the softest bamboo and cotton knits you have ever felt, I wish there was a way for you to feel this fabric through your computer screen, it is simply luscious.  I found it at my very favorite fabric store, Treadle Yard Goods here in St. Paul, and it is simply the best knit fabric I have ever worked with.
And look at all of the fun colors I found!

The roundabout is extremely versatile, let me show you your options:
Wrap it around your neck three times for this look:
Wrap it four times for a different look, and extra warmth:

You could even wrap it three times and pull a section over your head to fashion a snood (come on, you know what that is...).  But my dress form doesn't have a head, and I couldn't figure out how to do it on myself and take my own picture....
By wrapping it just twice around your shoulders, you even have a comfy, lightweight shawl.

Talk about versatility!
They are all packaged and ready for giving, only $24.  (I used the vintage ribbons I found at that amazing estate sale a few weeks ago.)
I will have an assortment of solid colors, and some prints in cotton blends available for sale at the Knightsbridge holiday boutique on Saturday, Nov. 19th.  More info available here:

Stay tuned next week for more peeks of what else I will be bringing to the show!  Button bracelets, funky necklaces, quirky adjustable rings, wool and button pins....


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. You are unbelievable. I love these scarves.

  2. Very pretty! I hope the show goes well for you.


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