Wednesday, November 9, 2011

happy shiny glass

Done.  For now.  (wait, as I am putting the pictures on here I see we missed part of the trim around the front door.  dang.)

The massive house painting project.  No, our house is not at all large, but the project itself felt really big.

Two hundred and eighty two individual panes of glass are contained in our 1400 square foot home.  Seriously.  And at least 20% of those panes had to be replaced.  About one third of those panes needed reglazing.  All of the trim around all of those panes of glass had to be painted.  Each pain pane has been cleaned, and now sparkles.  Perhaps the only time in the history of our home that all of our glass will be clean at the same time.

Other than our bathroom, every window is original to our home.  Next spring Mike's project is repairing all of the double hung windows so they can be used as originally designed, able to open from the top or bottom.  Another project.

We were blessed with a warm and dry extended fall season, which helped us finish the house.  The whole project isn't completely done, we still need to paint the basement windows, the garage, and the fence.  I need to find new window boxes, to replace those too worn out to be repainted. We will get there.

As I drive down our street, or approach our home from my walk, I love seeing the result of all of our work.  It seems to be happy, and smiling in contentment, with it's new coat.


  1. You're house looks great! I can't believe you replaced and glazed window panes! The old windows in our house leak like crazy. But, I can't imagine replacing individual panes.

    Thanks for the note on my blog! We definitely should meet. Stop by the bookstore. Hopefully I'll be there. Or ask them when I'm scheduled to work. Hope to meet soon!

  2. I love it! Wonderful colors. You must be feeling great! Congratulations!

  3. Your house is charming and the windows sure look sparkly. What a big job!


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